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What is WOMVEGAS?....Start Easiest Earning with WomVegas.

Posted by Sharjeel Mirza on May 22, 2010 at 10:21 PM Comments comments (4)

Welcome to womvegas - word of mouth virtual convention.

Wom vegas is brand new and is currently being built. Womvegas is a word of mouth virtual convention. There will be lots of convention rooms, and you will be able to have a convention booth or convention room of your own.

Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. owns, which is in the final stages of being ready to launch full scale. It will be a good way to make money online, and it will have lots of benefits and advantages for free members as well.

Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. will have womVegas up and running very soon. Now is time to earn points so you can qualify for maximum commissions out of the gate. Even free members will be able to use their points for valuable advertising privileges. Many marketers will want to promote many types of businesses on - not just home biz opps.

There is a lucrative plan in place. Right now is a good time to tell your contacts about womvegas and start getting points here to qualify for maximum commissions right from the start.



It is in pre-launch and not finished.

Great way to promote your biz opp for FREE.

New social networking website.

Started beta 4-24-2010 with 0 (zero) members.

Includes a lucrative MLM marketing plan for affiliates.

It is a Word of Mouth Virtual Convention. It features convention booths and convention rooms for members to promote their products and/or services. It also provides a way to place ads with points earned, that will be seen all over WomVegas and other high traffic websites.


Wom_Vegas is FUN.

Wom_Vegas is Different.

Wom_Vegas is Unique.

Wom_Vegas is Amazing!

Wom_Vegas is the Future!

Wom_Vegas is people from all walks of life coming together to share a common goal in business and life.

Wom_Vegas is WOMderful...



You can now post ON your profile page (from your profile page) and inform people about your biz or biz-opp. You can put quite a bit on there, including links. Your profile pages are archived, and are searchable in all major search engines. So it is a good idea to start posting on your profile at WomVegas.

There is a Business Opportunity chat room that is also a publicly searched page where people can see your posts and links.

Some of the convention rooms allow you to post promos, and it is up to the owner of each room to decide whether or not they delete it - but getting a post deleted there is not a mark against you. The owner of the room may ban you from posting in that room, but it is not against you in WomVegas, just the preference of the convention room owner.

The coffee shop (which is what you see when you log into is pretty casual and it is ok for people to talk about varying topics, kind of like in a coffee shop. As long as they don't break the rules at the top of the page, or make derogatory, defamatory, or obscene remarks, and as long as the posts aren't a solicitation for business, biz-opps, donations, downline, etc.

Keep in mind, that as soon as Timothy L. Drobnick Sr. has the ads + points + payments software completed, then everyone (including free meembers) will be able to use points to advertise on a lot of pages, including the side of the coffee shop. So join today and start your journey of success Now.



Want FREE money?...... Want FREE money?

Posted by Sharjeel Mirza on April 18, 2010 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (2)

Hi ,,,,,,,Friends....

I just come to know about an other Great Free Earning Site and shearing with you,Read care fully and act for your Financial Freedom.

Build your own Geo String! The longer you make your GeoString, the more free cash we'll put in your pockets!

It will give you $10.00 free money just for starting your own GeoString.

Furthermore, it will pay you every time you add length to your GeoString.

It's Fun and it's Free!

Use this income calculator to see how much FREE money you can earn:

Number of people you refer............................................(3)

Number of peoplethey each refer through 10 levels..(3)

Your FREE earnings...................................................=$ 895.72



What is a "GeoString"?

GeoString is simply a string of your contacts and their contacts all strung together to build an incredible cash generator for the length of the string. You'll be amazed at how far your string reaches, both in numbers, and geographically!

Absolutely. Register your free account to claim your free $10.00 now.

You are not required to purchase anything to claim your $10.00. In fact, we aren't even selling anything.

Your income potential is unlimited, and does not cost you anything. The more people you refer to claim their free money, the more you earn. Use the income calculator above to get a potential earnings idea.

It Will send you one email every Tuesday. This email will include your affiliate stats, as well as messages from the site sponsors. You must click the link provided in the email to confirm you've received and opened the email. That's it!.

Each week when your affiliate earnings and stats are sent, the email will include a small message from the site sponsors. It is this sponsor money that is used to pay members.


Register Now to Receive $10.00 Instantly


It’s unbelievable how fast FREE money adds up!

GeoString pays its members for each person they refer, and each person they refer!

This trend takes place through 10 full levels of referrals with unlimited width.

Your FREE income potential with GeoString is unlimited and with no costs to you!

How it works:

GeoString is an online marketing company. Their sponsors pay GeoString to put their message in front of members. In turn, the GeoString pay its members for becoming an opt in member of its program. The advertising revenues from GeoString sponsors make it possible to pay members for doing nothing more than creating a free account, referring others, and opening the once weekly email from the company.

When do you cash out?

You'll be simply amazed how fast your free paycheck accumulates with this program. The reason your paycheck accumulates so fast is because it's absolutely free for anyone over the age of 16 to open an account and start earning money today. GeoString even give you $10 instantly credited to your account just for registering with GeoString! Because account balances accumulate so quickly, It pay you everytime your account balance reaches $100. If your account balance is greater than $100 at the end of a month, a check will be mailed to you on or before the 10th of the following month.

(Example: your balance is $450 at the end of April, your check will be mailed on or before May 10th). Paying at these intervals puts less of a strain on our accounting department and insures more efficient payments to its members.



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